At age 16 music became a big part of Rich's world.  Whether he was playing the drums, attending a concert, or just listening to some tunes, music was most definitely a daily routine for Rich. 

Between the ages of 17 to 23, Rich had played with a few bands in the greater Pittsburgh area.  As life continued, Rich moved to paradise on earth, SoCal.  It was a great choice to choose SoCal but Rich had to start organizing his life all over again so he stopped playing the drums for 16 years.

Once reunited with the drums, Rich made it a point to continually play and has regained his passion for the instrument that he has loved all his life. 

Whether rehearsing in the garage or playing a gig, Rich really enjoys playing with Vinyl Vault.  Not only are the band members accomplished musicians, they're even better people, which is a rarity.

Rich isn't a flashy drummer, instead he takes pride in driving the song and keeps the beat going.  He has many influences and really enjoys playing classic rock/hard rock tunes. 

Rich plays a 6 piece set of classic Ludwig and is surrounded by a cluster of Zildjian cymbals.