Over the past 30 years, Greg Hillis has been handling the low end for many SoCal bands such as Sonic Suburbia and Scorpionzz, playing a variety of music genres from Pop to Grunge to Classic Rock to Metal.  Starting out in garage bands in the early 80s as just a lead singer barely old enough to shave, it quickly became apparent that a full band required a bass player that wasn't easy to find in his hometown on the Central Coast of CA.   Not one to be discouraged, he borrowed money from a friend to buy his first bass - an Ibanez Roadstar II.   Quickly trying to play bass and sing was no easy task but there was no turning back - he was in love with the challenge and reward of double duty.


In 2004, Greg was introduced to a neighbor that played drums - Rich!  Greg and Rich have been playing music and collaborating together since then, doing originals and covers with different SoCal musicians.  Finally they have found the right pieces for the band - Diego and Juan Pablo - and are excited to get out and play!  When Greg is not jamming with Vinyl Vault, he subs for other SoCal bands and participating in local jams including the annual Metal Jam - Shredding for a Cure, a benefit for Autism.  More info on Metal Jam and what it is about can be found here -

Greg proudly plays Fender and Ernie Ball Music Man basses through Tech 21 and Ampeg gear.

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