The best thing about Vinyl Vault is that I am having a lot of fun. I cherish my four friends and respect them as accomplished musicians. We have a lot of music in common and getting together to practice is something I look forward to every time. The music that we play brings back many memories and I’ll always have a passion for the guitar. The band has a lot of similar musical influences and love of the same groups. I hope that the fun I have on stage can translate to the audience so they can enjoy themselves too. Cheers!
I wasn’t always a gear head, but before I dropped music (for about 9 years) for a career in teaching, I managed to put together a very nice hybrid frankenstein-type guitar. I played that guitar everywhere because it felt good in my hands because it was ‘put together’ by me. Married with children and years later, I had the opportunity to learn how to ‘build’ guitars. I built PRS’s, Strats, Tele’s, V’s, etc. Since life’s priorities didn’t afford me the luxuries of buy expensive name brands, I decided to build myself great quality guitars at affordable prices. I build one every year or so. So in summary, all my guitars were built and put together by me. Lately I have obsessed over pedals and sound, which with guitar building is all a part of this beautiful experience.  I use VOX amplifiers because I love that vintage classic rock sound. With these amps, I can play anything from vintage classic rock to 80's hair metal.


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